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As you all know Official WhatsApp is an online chatting application and it is a widely popular platform for communication. But it lacks some functionalities while YoWhatsApp is a mod version of Official WhatsApp that comes up with all unique features and customization options. They are quickly updating and fixing the bugs in a short time. Many of the people don’t know about YoWA. Well, I am going to tell you about YoWhatsApp apk and provide a link below in this article.

YoWhatsApp, mod version of the official WhatsApp and it contains a lot of unique features and customization options that I had never seen before in any other WhatsApp MODS. It is the advanced version of the communication app. It’s not just about messaging; it’s about complete control. From hiding my last seen to customizing themes, it’s got it all. It is designed to provide you with a whole new level of control and personalization.

A Journey Of YoWA, Yousef Al-Basha

YoWhatsApp was created by a freelance developer Yousef Al-Basha. Something interesting happened in the journey of YoWA as the initially designed by, Yousef Al-Basha took a step back, and  Fouad Mokdad 2017 took responsibility for this modified app for re-development. As time passes, it has come up with more robust customization, privacy, and security attributes.

YoWA is like GB WhatsApp, but it’s even better. YoWhatsApp was created by a freelance developer like WhatsApp mods after GB WhatsApp and nothing else comes close because of its unique features and customization options. People search for YoWA every day, proving how quickly it’s gaining popularity. Currently, More than 50 million users are using this modified app.

App NameYoWhatsApp
Size70.9 MB
DeveloperYousef Al-Basha
Last Updated23-11-2023

YoWhatsApp Download Guide

A lot of people searching for YoWA and they wanted to download YoWhatsApp. Here we are going to elaborate on the downloading procedure. So please follow our step-by-step process carefully.

Before starting the installation of YoWA, make sure to remove your WhatsApp account from your Android Devices. As you are about to install YoWA for your Android devices. Make sure to back up your chats on your WhatsApp Account. You don’t want to lose those precious messages.

  1. Try to download YoWhatsApp APK from a trusted website like “gbgenie” and we are providing a download link which you will get in the below section.

2. Now try to install YoWA on an Android device. Press the install button and once it is installed, tap to Open YoWA.

3. Click on the “Agree and Continue” button. Then enter your phone number for verification and start the registration process.

4. Enter your name and click on the Next button and the modified app will need access to the Contacts, Location, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc.

5. Now we can start enjoying this mod experience.

YoWhatsApp Features

This is the special one among WhatsApp mods. Many users are switching to YoWhatsApp because of its unique features that you won’t find in the official app. Are you curious to know about these unique features that are unavailable on the official app? No worries, you can check them below.

Discover the Secret to Retrieve Deleted Messages

If someone deletes the messages from the chat bar, you can’t Discover the Secret to Retrieve Deleted Messages anymore. Are you curious to know how to retrieve deleted messages? Here it is the modified app lets you see those deleted messages even after the sender has removed them for everyone.

Enhance the Beauty of your Phone with Free Themes

When you’re feeling bored with your phone looks and want to enhance the beauty of your phone with Free Themes, come to this modified app. It has over 4000 themes for free, and you can try them out. It can change how your Home and Chat screens look. You can be creative and change things like tabs, text, and background.

Safeguard Your Privacy Settings

To Safeguard Your Privacy Settings, you can make use of YoWA privacy settings to improve your messaging experience. It has useful functionalities like you can show blue ticks after a reply, DND mode, and disabling the forwarded tag.

Shows Blue Ticks After Reply:

By using this feature it shows blue ticks after reply only. It lets you read your friends’ messages without them knowing you’ve seen them. The blue ticks, which indicate that you’ve read the message, will only appear for your friends when you reply to their message.

DND Mode:

DND Mode is especially for people who want to use their smartphones but don’t want to get chat messages. When you turn DND mode on, you won’t get any messages, but you can still use Wi-Fi or mobile data to do other things like work or watch videos on your phone.

Disable the Forwarded Tag

By using this feature you can disable the forwarded tag, When you Forward a WhatsApp Message, the person who receiving the message can’t see that forwarded tag. This feature allows you to disable this “forwarded” tag by turning on privacy settings on your device. In simple terms, you can hide the fact that you forwarded a WhatsApp message by adjusting your settings using this modified app.

Stay Secure with Anti-Ban

Users are facing bans on WhatsApp mods, leading them to revert to the official platform. No More Worries about Banning! This mod version provides a unique feature called Stay Secure with Anti-Ban. It’s great because it keeps your WhatsApp MODS safe and secure from being banned.

 Send Large Files

Have you ever tried to send large files through a messaging app but couldn’t because it was lengthy? In the official app, you cannot send large files because there’s a size limit, usually just a few megabytes. But with this mod version, you can send large files, even up to 700 megabytes!

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

When you hide WhatsApp’s last seen, you usually can’t see other people’s last seen either. But with this modified app, you can use the ‘Hide WhatsApp Last Seen’ feature to keep your last seen hidden from others, but you can see when others were last active.

Save WhatsApp Status in One Click

If you want to save WhatsApp status in one click of your friends. You have to ask them to send those pictures to you. Official App does not allow you to download your friends’ WhatsApp statuses. However, by using this feature, you can easily Save WhatsApp Status to your device with one click of the Download button while viewing the story. 

Express Yourself with Unique Emojis

Sometimes words are not enough to express your feelings with loved ones. But express yourself with unique emojis Whether you’re feeling very happy, fully confused, or just sending smiles, there are unique emojis for you. By using these unique emojis your loved ones can easily understand your feelings. This is the best mod because it has special emoji variants to express yourself that can’t get anywhere else.

Features Screenshots

Why YoWhatsApp Better than Official WhatsApp

The Official WhatsApp is the best in reliability and stability for all devices they run and we can easily download from the Play store. But it simply lacks some features. These features are present in this modified app. It provides you with many privacy features like hide messages seen, blue ticks, double ticks, and last seen. It is most popular because of its Anti-Ban feature. That’s why YoWhatsApp better than Official WhatsApp.

Previously, YoWa users’ accounts were banned but later freelance developers released an updated version of the modified app with an Anti-Ban attribute. Now, you can use this Modified App without any banning risk. You can easily install the YoWA securely on any Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this YoWhatsApp safe to use on Android devices?

Yes, this YoWhatsApp safe to use on Android devices. You don’t need to worry about viruses. We have carefully checked it and then only provided a link to you for the safe downloading of the file.

Why YoWhatsApp not found in the Google Play store?

Due to privacy issues, YoWhatsApp not found in the Google Play store or any app store because it violates the Play Store policies and conditions. It is developed by freelance developers, not by the authorized creator.

Is there any option to change yo themes?

Yes..!! You can change yo themes and find more themes in the store. There are lots of themes you can use, and you can choose the one you like the most. Plus, you can even make your own theme with wallpaper, header, and shapes, all designed just the way you want.

Can I hide my personal photos?

Yes, you can hide your personal photos. So you won’t need to worry about them showing up in your gallery. By simply enabling the option in the media settings. It hides personal photos from your regular photo gallery, so nobody else can see your personal photos.

How can Show Blue Ticks After Reply to my contacts’ messages?

Yes, you can set up to Show Blue Ticks After Reply to your contact messages. First, you have to go to settings> privacy> enable the “Show Blue Ticks after reply” feature in your device then only your contacts see the blue ticks when you reply to their messages.

How can Discover the Secret to Retrieve Deleted Messages?

With the Anti-Delete feature, you can Discover the Secret to Retrieve Deleted Messages. This is useful when you need to refer to previous messages or important information that you shared. This feature is automatically saving the incoming and outgoing messages even if the sender wants to delete them.

How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen?

To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen from specified contacts. First, you have to go to settings > Tap on privacy > Last seen > Nobody. This means others won’t be able to see the exact time of your most recent activity on the platform. While your contacts can still send you messages, they won’t know when you were last online, giving you more privacy from this feature.

How can I use DND Mode?

This DND mode is used for concentrating on tasks or enjoying your personal life without any disturbance from your phone. By turning on the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet access through Wi-Fi or mobile data so that getting incoming messages and calls are silenced and don’t disturb your activities.

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