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Are you aware of NSWhatsApp ? Team GBGenie is ready to explain you everything about NSWhatsApp APK, Features, Download Guide & Installation Procedure

NS WhatsApp, a modified WhatsApp application developed by Nairton Silva with user-loved privacy settings that are not available in Official WhatsApp. It centralizes extensive privacy and security controls that allows users to stick to the app instead of default WhatsApp.

Unlike NS WhatsApp APK, There are many mods like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp after 2016, due to leak of core resource files by WhatsApp Team. It was popular because of its functionalities Anti-restrict, Theme Customizations, Auto Reply, Emoji Variants, Unlimited media sharing etc.

What is NS WhatsApp APK?

NS WhatsApp APK, a modified version of the official WhatsApp with user-loved privacy settings developed by Nairton Silva for android users who are bored of limited privacy settings. The main theme behind modification of WhatsApp is to give more privacy controlled settings to social media users.

This NS WhatsApp APK was created by a third party proffesional developer to encrypt the package in Zip format and provide the file, because it is not available in app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store. But most proffesional developers who develop third party apps try to provide their encrypted package of APK file for free of cost. As these third party android developers do not follow policies from Google Play or Apple App Store, so it can’t be hosted on their sites.

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In this post, we shall provide complete information about NSWhatsApp. Please follow our entire guide to understand the written post and get every detail from our article.

App NameNSWhatsApp
Size83 MB
DeveloperNairton Silva
Packagecom.NS WhatsApp
Last Updated30-10-2023

Download NS WhatsApp APK

We are going to explain some easy steps to download ns whatsapp, So please follow our instructions carefully to understands the step by step procedure.

Below we are providing the ns whatsapp apk direct download links of that are scanned by the Anti-Virus to provide you safe and security to your device.

  • Firstly, You download the NS WhatsApp.APK for your android devices from trusted sites.
  • Wait until NS WhatsApp APK is downloaded and saved in the ZIP file format successfully in your android devices.
Install APK
  • Next go to full-featured file manager and find the file, Click and Install APK and wait until the installation process completes.
Installing APK
  • Then open the app after completion of the installation.
  • After Installing the NS WhatsApp APK, you have to verify your account by entering your mobile number and allow permissions to access your device.
  • Finally, enter the receiving OPT and verify your account successfully.

By following above steps you have utilized the direct file download links safely and securely, as we have scanned the NS WhatsApp APK with anti-virus for safety and security.

NS WhatsApp APK Stable Versions

NS WhatsApp APK with user-loved privacy settings that are not available in Official WhatsApp developed by Nairton Silva. There developer has released different NS WA versions to meet the users needs according to their requirements

There are 4 different stable versions of NSWA that meet the your needs according to your requirements. You can choose Red, Blue, Orange and Green WhatsApp to customize your interface.

NS WhatsApp APK Features

Even there are many mods like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp after 2016, NS WhatsApp APK gains popularity for its extrordinary special features after the leak of WhatsApp core resource files by the Team. There are more amazing highlights like Various Themes, Control Who can call you, Schedule your WhatsApp Messages, Show Blue Ticks after replying, Avatar Creation etc.

Various Themes (for Stylish Makeover)

Are you bored with your old WhatsApp theme structure? Therefore, by using this mod you get the solution, it completely transform the look of your app. Moreover, mod offers various themes, by using these themes you can change the theme look of your device and makes the app unique from others. You can alter the chat screen background and indicative icons and also, have an option to change the color formats and customize the stylish theme. Various themes are available here and you can easily customize according to your own.

Restrict WhatsApp Spam Callers

Sometimes, you might not want certain people to call you on WhatsApp, but you still want to get their messages. In regular WhatsApp it is not possible because it is completely block the contact and you don’t get any messages from them. By using this app, it allows you to control who can call you on WhatsApp. So, you can use it to Restrict WhatsApp Spam Callers while still receiving their messages. It’s a handy way to manage WhatsApp calling restarictions.

Upload the Long Video Status

You know on regular WhatsApp, you can upload only 30-second video status, right? It’s very annoying if you have a longer video status; you have to cut it into little bits and post them one by one. But in this app where you can upload video status that are up to 7 minutes long without any cutting. It’s really easy to upload longer videos on your status in this app!

 Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages

Do you ever find yourself forgetting to send messages or special wishes to your loved ones? Or maybe you struggle to remember important dates in your business dealings? Well, there’s a simple solution: you can setup your WhatsApp messages delivery plan. All you need to do is pick a date and time for when you want the message to send. Once you set up your delivery plan , the app will handle the rest, automatically sending your text messages to the right person at the specified time. It’s a convenient way to structure your WhatsApp message deliveries prior and never miss any important moments.

Blue ticks Visibility After Your Reply

Sometimes you are facing awkward situations if you don’t reply right away where your friends or boss knows you have view their messages due to blue ticks . When you open the dialog box it immediately show blue ticks to the sender. To avoid this situation this version provides you a solution, it shows blue ticks after you have replied to the message. This way, you can read the message without the sender knowing, and the pressure to respond immediately is gone.

Control Over Your Privacy

Sometimes, when you’re online, people can see it and bother you. But now, you can hide it from specific people or groups, so you have more control over your privacy. You get to chat when you want and with whom you want, without feeling like someone’s always watching your online activity. It’s all about giving you control over your privacy.

set up your Avatar and send customized stickers

Do you want to create your own avatar to express their emotions more clearly through messages and profile picture ? Now Users can create their own Avatar by choosing desired eye shape, hair colours, costume and more by using combinations of hairstyles, facial features and outfits. In this modded version, any user can make use of avatar to set them as profile picture and send WhatsApp Avatar stickers as the avatar matches their own eye shape, hair colours, costume and more by using combinations of hairstyles, facial features and outfits. Well, with this avatar feature you can customize your avatar to set profile picture with animated images and also send stickers your friends and family that’s unique to you. You can choose various options to create your avatar including facial features, different hair styles and more.

Prevent Unauthorized access

Are your worried about your private messages from unauthorized access? In this situation this app offers a high security feature to prevent your messages from unauthorized persons. You can lock the app with PIN, Pattern or Finger Print and make the pattern invisible to make it as a secret and it is hard to guess the pattern who wants to open the app without your permission.

NS WhatsApp Android APK Screenshots

Fixing NSWA APK Issues

Why does your NSWA keep crashing? Reason might be files were corrupted that couldn’t be recovered properly. So, If you went from helpless, trying to find some ways to fix your NSWA APK my data issue. Over time,these methods can fix your NSWA issue and recover your lost files. In this guide, I’ll share tips to solve your NSWA crash issue and recover lost files. Let’s check them out.

  1. First, you download the updated NSWA APK from the above link.
  2. Don’t uninstall the app you are using on your device.
  3. Click on the download NSWA APK latest and click on update.
  4. Open the mod, you can see the problem is solved and you can use the app normally.

Final words

In this article, we have given complete information about NSWhatsApp. We recommend you to read the article to get much information. Similarly, You can get it by clicking the above button or you can also manually install the link by reading the above steps carefully. If you want updated versions please follow our sites. We provide updated direct links of files regularly. Install this NSWhatsApp on your android device and enjoy these features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NS WhatsApp APK?

NS WhatsApp APK is a modified whatsapp with advanced privacy settings that are not available in Official WhatsApp and it is developed by Nairton Silva.

How to update NSWA APK to latest version?

To update NSWA, download links from our website for the latest updates. From the above article you can easily update your direct file download links regularly by following our site you can update from it.

Can I keep messages in disappearing mode?

Yes, you can keep messages in disappearing mode in your WhatsApp. When the disappearing messages feature turned on, there is a way to keep the important messages save when someone sends you. Simply long press any message and select the “Keep Messages” option. So that you can easily read the messages in your WhatsApp.

Does NSThemes allow the creation of an avatar?

Yes, NSThemes allows you create your own avatar. Specifically with this unique feature allows you customize your profile picture by adding animated images. You can choose from a variety of options to create your Avatar, including different hairstyles, facial features, clothing styles, and more.

Can I hide the camera icon on the status bar?

Yes, you can hide the camera icon on the status bar with this mod. Because of this feature you can keep your personal images and videos private. You can see this option under “Home screen” settings so that you can hide your camera icon on your device.

Can I hide lock pattern visibility when i try to unlock your WhatsApp?

Yes, you can hide your lock pattern visibility. It has an ability to lock the app with password, PIN or fingerprints and hide the lock pattern. By using this WhatsApp invisible pattern you can prevent from unauthorized access to your application and it is hard to guess the pattern by those people.

Can I customize the font, themes, colors in NS Themes?

 Yes, you can customize the font, themes , colors in NS Themes. There is many font options to customize your phone to look unique. Additionally, offers plenty of colors, designs and font sizes to customize according to your desire. By choosing your favorite options and make your conversation font style unique.

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