FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2024

FM WhatsApp is a modified app of WhatsApp Messenger that unlocks privacy features with due respect to user preferences. This FM WhatsApp APK offers all new features and unimaginable customizations to every android user to improve your privacy. However apart from the Pros of messaging apps, there are also cons to using these third-party apps on your device.

Users nowadays give much more priority to privacy in terms of mobile communication. While communicating with our friends and family, privacy features are very important due to more exposure to social media applications these days as messaging apps are dominated by messaging. Most of them use all the social media applications for different concerns, but their private life is exposed as a result. Keeping this in mind, some 3rd party developers have come up with fmwhatsapp apk that possesses more privacy features that users have never experienced before.

How FM WhatsApp APK is Developed?

In 2016 ,Whatsapp officially released their resource files for public reference and experimental purposes. Many of the third party developers have unofficially experimented on modifying those resource files and few have succeeded in making the WhatsApp Mods. As many of the third party messaging apps has been released by third party developers. As we discussed, to prioritize the privacy features as per user concern, FM WhatsApp APK had been developed by a third party developer along with many other messaging applications.

FM WhattsApp has gained so much popularity as the third party developers, Fouad Mokdad has done expertise work in development of modified-app of WhatsApp. Even though they are WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, FM WhatsApp APK stands as extra layer of privacy and unimaginable customizations that reached user expectations.

Fm Whatsapp Apk stands as 2nd most downloaded app in the world outside the playstore on android devices as of October 2022. Once you know the complete information on messaging, you’ll understand, why the FM WhatsApp’s APK crosses 10 million downloads for android in the shortest span around the world that too out of Playstore.

Download FM WhatsApp

In this article, we are going to guide you on downloading the FM WhatsApp.APK. While the FM WhatsApp apk, a third party app, it’s not available on Google Play Store. If you read our article clearly, We shall also provide the to download links of FM WhatsApp APK latest version from the our trusted website.

There are many websites which are providing download links. But most of the websites are fake and doesn’t scan the APK for virus or malware, please do not visit the websites that are unprotected and provide malicious links. We highly recommend you to use the download links from trusted sources like gbgenie where the APKs are scanned for virus, malware with the VirusTotal before we upload. So Please follow a 7 step installation procedure now.

  • First of all, you need to tap on download link from the below.
  • Wait for the .APK to be downloaded on your device.
  • Go to File manager to locate the fmwhatsapp.apk to Install on your device.
  • “Double Tap” on the Install on your device.
  • Installation process takes few seconds, wait till the process is completed.
  • Once the installation is completed, Open the app,
  • Then it will ask you to enter your phone number to verify your account.
  • Once you enter your phone number, OTP Code is received to verify your account.
  • Once you enter the OTP Code, Now you can start using the app.

Privacy Features Of FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version

After downloading fm whatsapp apk, enjoy the features that WhatsApp doesn’t have. For this reason, users like to utilise the features like Customising your favourite themes, option to re-option the view once pictures, facilitates to disable forward tags and last seen, hiding blue ticks and ‘Online’ activity and read deleted messages by your contact.

Custom WhatsApp Themes

Still using the default Themes and styles ?, popularly known for its core customizations, where users can change the complete UI of the application. You can have complete freedom to customise your home screen , chat screen, colours, fonts etc on its store. In this store, there are many more customizations that satisfy your user expectations.

Re-Open ‘View Once’ Photos 

When it comes to advanced features, this WhatsApp ‘View Once’ feature allows the recipient to view media files only once. The photos or videos shared by enabling View Once won’t be saved in Photos/ Gallery. To Prevent this, Anti-View Once feature allows users to view & save media files unlimited times with this features.

No More “This message was deleted”

Are you annoyed by seeing “this message was deleted” on your chat screen. If you really want to read the message that was deleted by your contact, its possible now as part of its features. Enable anti-delete message feature to view the message even the contact deletes the message while you misses to see the message immediately.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply on WhatsApp

Are you annoyed of showing blue ticks immediately before you reply them ? You can toggle “Show Blue Ticks After reply ” to show your contacts the blue ticks when you type and send the message. The privacy feature of show blue ticks after replying to the contact leaves your contact best impression as you had replied them as soon as the blue ticks appear.

Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen

Finally! No more read receipts, no check marks, no blue double tick or last seen! If you do not want to show blue ticks to your contacts, No need to remove internet connection hereafter. We highly recommend you Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen. So that none of your contacts can see blue ticks even if you see their message. Enable “Hide Blue ticks” to Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen and enjoy reading their chat messages without leaving any last seen notice or blue double checks.

Stop Unwanted Calls From Now

Are receiving more unwanted calls from new numbers ?? To avoid such kind of spam calls, customise your privacy features like who can call you. You can choose who can call you from the options available like “Contacts, No One or EveryOne”. By Enableing this options you can stop unwanted calls on your phone that annoys you for no reason.

Add or Change your Theme using FM Themes

If you bored of same old themes. You can add or customize the existing theme by using FM-Themes. It have more colorful chat themes and homescreen themes in desired colors. you can add your own favorite theme just by visiting the store.


  • Can FM WhatsApp APK harm my device?

No..!! We have tested and scanned the .APK to keep your android devices safe. Even though third party download links have downsides as developers is unknown.

  • Is it legal to download FMWhatsApp ?

It’s perfectly legal to download FM WhatsApp v19.30 and start using all apps from outside the Play Store

  • Will my FM WhatsApp APK get banned ?

No..!! As the latest update version, WhatsApp doesn’t ban due to its privacy features.

  • Is FMWhatsApp APK available For iOS devices ?

No..!! FM WhatsApp APK is not available for iOS. As it is currently developed and designed for android phones only and doesn’t support iPhones & iPads.

  • Can I use 2 WhatsApp accounts on the Same android device ?

Yes..!! You can use both Whatsapp accounts in same android device with different numbers.

  • Why Should I update my FM WhatsApp latest version?

To experience the all new Privacy features, update your FM WhatsApp 19.30 and get your bugs fixed fast.

  • What is the minimum android firmware required to download FM WhatsApp APK ?

To download FM WhatsApp, atleast android version 4.4 (KitKat) and more is required.

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