GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2024 (Official)

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of Official WhatsApp. The difference between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp is “features.”, It means that the GB WhatsApp has more special features than WhatsApp, for example, set custom auto-reply message, turn off read receipts, schedule text message, recall sent texts, remove forwarded message tags, etc.

.So more people would like to use the GB WhatsApp APK instead of the original WhatsApp messenger.

Evolution of GB WhatsApp | GBWhatsApp Pro 2024? 

People are aware about WhatsApp messenger, right? GB WhatsApp is a Modified WhatsApp messenger developed by third party developer, Omar. It has more privacy features compared to Official WhatsApp, such as auto-reply messages, turn off read receipts, scheduling messages, unsent sent texts, remove “forwarded” labels etc.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK is another version of Official WhatsApp re-developed by a russian developper. After facing many problems with GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro has successfully emerged with exciting privacy features. When compared to GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro.APK receiving million hits all because of its unique & exclusive features

Why People Prefer Using GB WhatsApp 2024?

In Terms of Look & Feel, there is not much difference between Official WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp Pro.After the ban of GB WhatsApp accounts, people shifted to GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 due to its updated features from developers. So that is why people prefer to use GB WhatsApp Pro instead of GB WhatsApp. The latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro is easily accessible like Official WhatsApp on Android smartphones, and anyone interested in using it can do so. Let me introduce some key features from GB WhatsApp latest version.

We already have stated a feature difference between GB Whatsapp & GB Whatsapp Pro & , after comparing the features you can download any of the APK File from both.

GB WhatsApp Pro Vs GB WhatsApp Vs Official WhatsApp

FeatureGBWhatsApp Pro GB WhatsAppWhatsApp
DND Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit999MBUnlimited100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited ChatsUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255Unlimited139
Auto Replies
Send Bulk Messages
Contact Toast
GB Themes
Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change

How To Download GB WhatsApp APK on Your Android Phone ?

Are you not aware of the downloading process ? Today I will guide you regarding the GB WhatsApp download & Installation process.

Before downloading, ensure that the download source (third party website) is trusted. Follow our steps carefully so that the download process might not look complicated if you do the process as mentioned in the below steps.

Storage Space: You must have enough storage space in your device.

Allow Unknown Sources: You must Allow Unknown Sources from your Android settings.

Download: Find the direct download link from below source.

Install the APK: When the downloading is complete, open the downloads folder and Install APK file.

Once you complete your Installation process, you’ll see “App Installed Successfully” on your screen.

How To Transfer Data from Official WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp Pro

If you want to transfer all your WhatsApp data to GB WhatsApp & don’t have any idea about how to transfer data ? Although they are two different WhatsApp applications on your android, it is not as complicated as it looks about how to transfer official WhatsApp Data to GBWhatsApp. Now let’s get started.

Before transferring the data, you first have to backup Official WhatsApp data, and for that, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open WhatsApp. Tap the three dots on the right side and go to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Select Chats > Chat backup. Then tap on the Backup button. Within a few seconds, the app will finish the backup.
  • Open File Manager and find the WhatsApp folder where you have kept your data.
  • Rename the folder name ‘Whatsapp’ to ‘GB WhatsApp’. Do the same to the files in WhatsApp media folder.
  • To enable storage permissions, navigate to your device’s Settings and tap Apps and notifications >GB WhatsApp > Permissions> Storage.
  • Once you finish registration, Open GB WhatsApp app .

Send Auto Reply Message: You can use the Send Auto Reply Message Function to enable you to send custom replies to other’s text messages. 

Schedule WhatsApp Message : You can schedule whatsapp messages to send to any of your WhatsApp Contacts at desired time & date. 

Revoke the Sent message: When a user sends a message and before you read they delete it. But this app gives you the facility to see the deleted messages of any user.

FAQ : 

Can I Use Both WhatsApp Accounts in the same android phone ?

Yes..!! You can either use both GB WhatsApp & Official Whatsapp parellely in the same phone.

Can I transfer my media data from Official WhatsApp ?

Yes, you can migrate from Official WhatsApp data to GBWhatsApp Pro .There is an option to copy all your data.

Will I get banned For using GB WhatsApp?

According to Official WhatsApp Policies, GBWhatsApp violates terms of conditions, so be careful.

Does Official WhatsApp unban GB WhatsApp account ?

Might be ..!! Sometimes the ban is temporary & some times ban is permanent.

Can I Use WhatsApp For Personal & GB WhatsApp For Business Purpose ?

Yes..!! But WhatsApp Business is available along with Official WhatsApp Messenger.

What’s So Special in GB WhatsApp Pro When compared to Official WhatsApp ?

GBWhatsApp Pro has more privacy features that attract people to experience more privacy.

Do I need the official whatsapp to log in gb whatsapp ?

 After the recent update, you definitely need official whatsapp to log in to gbwhatsapp or gb whatsapp pro.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro APK owned by WhatsApp?

No…!! GBWhatsApp & its Pro APK Versions are developed by third party developers.

Do I Need The Official Whatsapp to Use This GB WhatsApp Account ?

Reach out Official WhatsApp Team , If your GBWhatsApp not opening

Are there any alternatives to GBWhatsApp?

WhatsApp has many modified variants like FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, Yo WhatsApp etc.

How to make sure that my WhatsApp account won’t be banned again?

To prevent your WhatsApp account bans, make sure you understand and comply with WhatsApp’s Terms of Service

What are the new WhatsApp Terms of Service?

Engaging in activities that directly violate WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, may result in a ban.

Is it safe to Install the APK File outside the Google Play Store ?

No..!! It is absolutely not safe to Install the APK File outside the Play Store, but only if download source (third party website) is trusted.

How to enable storage permissions ?

Navigate to your Android Settings and tap ‘Apps and Notifications’ >GB WhatsApp > Permissions> Storage.

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