GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Version 2024

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Version 2024 can be discussed here. Have you come here to download GB WhatsApp APK ? We shall explain to you complete information about GB WhatsApp APK, Download Links, Installation Procedure, Features etc through our article. Please read our article carefully to understand each and every point clearly.

GB Whatsapp APK is the modified version of the official Whatsapp application with more advanced customizations and Easy-to-use privacy options. There are numerous Whatsapp mods available within the market, but GB Whatsapp Pro 2024 stands as a highly reliable application that gained popularity for its privacy controlled features from a decade.

In the modern age of Artificial Intelligence, privacy is the primary choice for every android user. Even though WhatsApp has come up with an end to end encryption feature, People are more concerned about privacy options. So GB Whatsapp APK 2024 has come up with high-end customizations and innovative privacy features in the contemporary world.

Development of GB Whatsapp & GB WhatsApp Pro APK

The intention behind development of GB WhatsApp APK by a third party developer is to enhance privacy for android users. In 2016 WhatsApp released their Core Resource Files for Testing and Experimental Purpose. By using those files, A third party android developer, Omar has developed and released a few unofficial versions of WhatsApp Messenger.As a result, GB WhatsApp APK has been developed and after few experimental updates it has become stable version using official WhatsApp’s Core resource files.

Using the Core Resource Files, the Developer Started Providing Updates Frequently with New Customizations and Exciting Features. On 1st August 2019, Omar Tweeted That  “GB WhatsApp APK Shuts Down” Download Unavailable due to Pressure from WhatsApp Official Team due to the changes made in the application. After GB WhatsApp APK was stopped by Omar, Another Russian Developer re-developed “GB WhatsApp Pro APK” Latest Version continues the era. The Good Thing is No one has to lose their Account as GB WhatsApp 2024 Now Converted with a GBWhatsApp Pro APK along with all the Same Features and Unique Customizations. The Official Whatsapp Team has forced the developer to stop their functionalities in 2019. But still the developer continues to give app updates for unofficial versions of WhatsApp Messenger via our website.

From its initial release, GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 has gained massive popularity among social media users as it stood as the top most downloaded application on android devices. In 2023 around 20 million people shows their interest in downloading the application on their mobiles. Although Whatsapp has reached 2 billion users as of July 2021, at the same time GB WhatsApp Professional APK reached 10 million users with consistent updates from a decade.

Key AspectDownload Information
NameGB WhatsApp
Latest Version17.53
Last UpdatedNovember 2024

Important Notice

Whenever the developer releases his update for GB WhatsApp APK, we frequently update you provide with the link to download gb whatsapp latest version from your website. So We highly recommend you to follow our post

GB WhatsApp APK: Comprehensive Download Guide For Android Users

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about the GB WhatsApp APK , Download & Installation. Since the gb whatsapp apk, a modified version can’t be hosted on any of the app stores like the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, or the Google Play Store.

But APKs is available for installation on Android phones if you follow our guide. Many websites are providing download links for GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2024. But We are tell you everything about further updates from our website ( as we tested the APK file with antivirus which is safe and secure to install on your devices in just 7 steps.

  • First of all, please click on the download button to download the GB WhatsApp APK.
  • Wait until GB WhatsApp APK downloaded and saved in the ZIP format successfully.
  • Go to the file manager and navigate to the folder where the file is downloaded. If you are using Chrome, then visit the Download folder.
  • After you Download & Install GB WhatsApp APK on your android device.
  • Then Wait for a few seconds to complete the APK installation.
  • Once GB WhatsApp APK gets installed, you can create your account.
  • Then enter your phone number and verify, your account is being created.

GB WhatsApp’s APK Features: What Keeps Users Hooked!”

WhatsApp rolls out a new beta program, introducing GB WhatsApp APK latest developments aimed at making messaging more engaging and interactive, while also enhancing the user interface. Because User interface is main motive in their latest development everytime they go for beta program.

GB WhatsApp APK has more advanced features that original WhatsApp users had never experienced before on their android phones. When it comes to development of features, WhatApp takes extensive time to test and release beta versions for a single feature where GBWA releases continuous updates adding new functionalities, privacy features etc.

Take Control of Your Online Life: Ultimate Privacy Features

Do you know that you can hide online status, blue ticks, double ticks, recording and typing status from your contacts to maintain private life ?. Are you feeling pressure to contacts immediately just because someone saw your blue ticks or double ticks. Waking up at midnight and checking your Whatsapp messages leaves your last seen at 3 AM that provokes your loved ones to be online till 3 AM. So control your private life by disabling all of them at once.

Introducing Message Scheduling : Never Miss a Special Moment Again

Did you miss to wish your friend on his birthday ?this application lets you to schedule messages to your contacts at a particular time. So that you never forget your auspicious events and occasions once you complete the scheduling message

Enable Auto Reply to your friends, clients and all other contacts now with custom messages. As we know that many giant companies have replaced their customer service with AI chat bots, Auto reply does the most at reliable costs, Whereas it’s a simple sign of response when humans are busy with their work.

Infinite Video Status: No More Time Limits!

Wanna share your status video more than 30 seconds ?. Now you can send upto 5 minutes ie., 300 seconds in your status. Specifically, You can share the video status update with all your contacts or specific contacts based on your choice.

Connect with your Loved Ones at the Right Moment

Why annoy people while they are busy with some other work ? Just try to have some conversation when they are online. Then enable the Contact Toast option to get notified if your contact is online , set a notification ringtone of your choice. This is a polite method to grab some of their free time for you instead of continuously messaging and not getting a reply from them.

Status or Story Customizations

Want to peek at your crush’s story without letting him/her know that you had viewed their status ? Also download or view their status even after your contact deletes the status. Yes..!! These are only possible once you enable “Hide View Status” & “Anti-delete status”. Additionally you can view your status like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat Style by choosing Stories styles.

Change Stylish Font Styles and Themes

Why don’t you stop using the default fonts and colours that comes along with your application. Just add a different look to their texts as per their need. Simple You can cyour font style, size of your contact name, text while chatting and also the whole UI once you navigate to GB settings and select Home style. Get Complete control of your text you see on the application.

Change Home Screen, Chat screen Wallpaper & Themes to your choice

Do people still use those stock wallpapers on the home screen? Adapt to a new feature that excites you most that means add your favourite picture on your WhatsApp home screen, chat screen. Also get rid of default themes, give an extreme new look for your application just by turning on GB Settings >> Universal >> Colors and choose what you want to change.

Find, Create, Add Stickers

Sometimes, words just are not enough to express our feelings. So add Stickers to give extra oomph to your emotions. Whether you’re feeling super happy, utterly confused, or just sending a virtual hug, there’s a sticker for it. Spice up your group chats by finding the funny and sarcastic stickers that people love. Simply Find and add GB stickers to your application if not create it using your own photos with memes.

Transfer Uncompressed Huge Data Files Upto 2GB

Couldn’t I transfer large size files ? You don’t need to use Cloud applications like Google drive, Dropbox or One drive to transfer your photos, videos and documents through Whatsapp. Because with GBWA, you can send unlimited messages, audio and videos upto 2GB at a time. Infact, Most of the video formats and image formats supports to be sharable with your friends.

GB WhatsApp Android APK Screenshots:

Why Should You Download GB WhatsApp APK?

GB WhatsApp APK is nothing but a modified version developed from Whatsapp’s Core Resource Files by the third party android developer. But It has many more attractive features and options with frequent updates and bug fixes that are not available in the official WhatsApp. Users nowadays are more interested in being more private in their lives and never want these applications to exploit their privacy without their concerns.

The Latest GB WhatsApp APK completely safe to install on your android device. Perhaps you need to cautious while the application is developed by third party developers, but most the bugs are fixed in the recent updates.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Conclusion :

Hope you have read the complete information about GBWhatsApp APK, Download Links, Installation Procedure, Features etc through our article. If you do have any more doubts, please read the article once again, if you don’t get your answer we are ready to assist you through comments. Please bookmark our post for more frequent updates and bug fixes.

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